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sauna wood eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a strong, durable wood that historically has been used for cabinetry and

floor work for many years. It is a premium wood, which is great for

surviving the outdoor elements – if you want to place your sauna outside, this is the best

option. It withstands dramatic temperature changes to keep from bending and warping

over time. The wood is consistent in colour which makes it easy to stain, holding a

beautiful colour that can match any room theme. There is no fragrance in our eucalyptus


 Western Red Cedar 

sauna wood cedar

Cedar has always been a popular wood choice for both traditional and infrared saunas

because of its natural resistance to moisture. Cedar will not expand or contract as much

as other woods when temperature fluctuates, meaning that it is less likely to bend and

warp with regular (or commercial) use. Western Redwood Cedar is one of the world's

most durable woods but can vary in quality. Sunlighten’s cedar is sourced from

Vancouver Island where the grain is dense and has the deepest red colour of any

Western Red Cedar. Our sauna wood is of the highest quality, beautifully aesthetic and

is sustainably sourced.

Hypoallergenic Basswood

sauna wood basswood

Basswood is a preferred sauna wood for those who have sensitivities to fragrances and

other irritants. It is a hypoallergenic wood that does not emit any fragrances or toxins,

and is completely safe for those with allergies. It is very consistent in colour containing

few knots. Basswood is a durable hardwood that is not likely to warp or bend with

temperature changes. This wood is perfect for commercial use. Sunlighten uses

certified basswood sourced from the United States. 

Hemlock, Spruce and Pine

TImber hemlock sauna

Hemlock, spruce and pine are inexpensive woods that have been used mostly in 

framework. These are low cost options for sauna manufacturers due to knots in the 

wood, inconsistent colour and thinner wood planks. These woods are more likely to warp 

and bow in extreme temperature fluctuations, which would occur in an infrared sauna 

diminishing the longevity of the product. Hemlock, spruce and pine are generally used in 

low-end saunas

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