Steam Room vs Sauna

Constantly wondering what the differences are between a steam room vs sauna? Maybe you’re looking to invest in a sauna of your own, but confused on whether to pick a sauna or a steam room, given the many different opinions that people have of saunas vs steam rooms.

This article aims to address just that, and to help you make a more informed decision on purchasing your new sauna.


One of the primary factors that should be considered when deciding between a steam room vs sauna is the levels of humidity within the enclosure.

Steam rooms as the name suggests involves heating the enclosure by the usage of steam, unlike infrared saunas, which uses an infrared source to heat the environment up. Heating the room by steam leads to the relative humidity levels of the room to increase drastically, and results in most people finding it harder to breathe in.

Skin Pores

Steam rooms may also cause discomfort to people who have oily skin due to steam condensation on their skin. As such, prolonged exposure to steam in the steam room could cause condensation of steam on their skin’s surface, leading to their skin’s pores being blocked by moisture and thereby causing discomfort.

steam room vs sauna spectrum demo

People with oily skin prefer an infrared sauna vs steam room


The air inside a sauna is clear and clean compared to a steam room, whose air is often shrouded in steam. This means that you’re unable to read a book or flip through a magazine while in a steam room unlike in a sauna, which almost always has clear air that allows you to relax with your favorite book or magazine subscription.

Due to these abovementioned factors, many people prefer owning a sauna vs a steam room. However, if you’re still unable to make your decision on whether to pick a sauna or steam room, speak to our team of professionals at Sunlighten.

Our experts would begin by asking you series of simple questions that we use to assess your individual needs and requirements, after which we could guide you in the right direction to pick out a sauna for you based on your distinct preferences – simple as that!


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