Posted on 4 March 2021

The detoxifying power of a post-Summer sweat

With summer a time for celebration, often involving a few too many cold beverages, many of us might be emerging from the warmer months feeling sluggish and far from our best. That’s why we asked functional medicine expert and author of The Inflammation Spectrum, Dr. Will Cole, for his tips on how best to recover from the high-sugar, high-fat overindulgences of the holiday season, so we can get back on track for the remainder of the year ahead.

Tox-ins need to tox-out
Toxins enter the body in one of two ways: through the mouth and through the skin. Be it in the food we eat, the products we use or the environment we live in, we are exposed to more environmental toxins and chemicals than ever before. Particularly after the 2020 we’ve all had, you would be forgiven for celebrating with a few too many drinks over Christmas, and perhaps it’s become a habit that’s tricky to shake. That’s why Dr. Cole recommends that your post-holiday season detox starts with giving your liver a break and limiting stress as much as you can.  

Time for a detox
“One of your liver’s main responsibilities is to filter out toxins from your food and environmental exposures. When your liver is overloaded with a constant onslaught of toxins, it can’t get rid of them fast enough. That ultimately leads to a cascade of systemic inflammation, which creates a vicious cycle and leads to many of us not functioning at our best.”

For Dr. Cole, one of his favourite ways to detox is by upping the intake of detoxing foods such as coriander, leafy greens, blueberries, and spirulina.

“I also like upping my intake of dark leafy greens like spinach and kale since they help support methylation pathways that are responsible for supporting detoxification.”

However, did you know that one of the most effective ways to help our body’s detoxify is to sweat? No wonder Sunlighten’s infrared saunas are such a popular way to destress and lower inflammation after a summer of indulgence!

Gonna make you sweat
Many of us invest a lot of money and effort into preventing sweating, particularly during the Australian summer. We go from air-conditioned homes to air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned offices, shopping centres or meeting places, all to avoid a little perspiration.

However, this is a very normal and natural part of being human and can often be really good for our bodies, especially if you suspect you might have a few too many toxins floating around after the silly season.

“Saunas open up our pores and promote sweating, which helps us rid our body of toxins. It’s basically like a built-in detoxification program,” says Dr. Cole.

In a sauna, your body also works to release toxins that have been stored in the tissues, making it an effective way to reduce your toxin exposure and support your liver’s natural ability to detox. Especially in the case of Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1 saunas, they can help to promote our natural ability to detox, lower our inflammation levels and work to rid your body of toxins from things like alcohol and not-so-healthy food.

“As well as mobilising fat by heating your core temperature, saunas help to increase your blood flow, heart rate, and metabolic rate – similar to moderate exercise without going to the gym!”

It’s time to break the cycle of inflammation and enjoy the benefits of a post-detox sweat, ready to emerge feeling energised for the year ahead.

Learn more about the benefits of Sunlighten’s mPulse infrared saunas or visit the Sunlighten blog for more tips on how to increase your health and wellness in 2021.

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