Picture of Sally Mathrick Posted by Sally Mathrick on 12 September 2014

Sally Mathrick on a deeper, gentler detox

My first experience with Sunlighten saunas’ Solocarbon infrared heating was during my first winter back in Melbourne.

Whilst impactful, my first impression wasn't a good one! Despite being a practicing Naturopath, and a detox and juice fasting junkie, I had a severe adverse reaction; namely a cracking, 36-hour headache. Little had I realised how dehydrated I was. At that time I still sported a mouth full of amalgams fillings, having never undertaken any mercury detoxification.

Furthermore, I had been gung-ho on the sauna dial, having it on for too long at too high for my first session. I had sweated deeply and profoundly, evidently far exceeding my body’s capacity to manage the toxins released. In short, I was unprepared, and had totally overdone it.

Roseanne, founder of Sunlighten Australia, was very compassionate and caring, and supported my speedy recovery. She followed up the next day, to check in on how I was going. She explained the deep nature of sweating that these saunas elicit, how effective they are at the correct temperature and time, and just how fundamental adequate hydration is to use them effectively and safely. I confessed to her, that whist I tend to be a little gung-ho, I am sensitive and always have been. It was a great lesson for me in the importance of detoxing gently and slowly.

Since this initial experience, things have improved greatly! I've never experienced an adverse reaction to them since. I love the feeling of the Sunlighten saunas - it reminds me of lying in the sun on warm wet concrete in the summers of the seventies. It is a deep, stable warmth that feels as if it penetrates into the bones.

I now use Sunlighten solo system saunas at my detox retreats because they provide excellent support for deep cleansing. We are beginning to understand the important role sweating has in effective detoxification in the contemporary world.

As a practicing Naturopath supporting people through effective detoxification and through the research I have undertaken co-authoring a chapter on detoxification for The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Textbook, I have come to understand how excreting toxins through the skin reduces the burden on the kidneys, protecting the precious kidney cells from being damaged by a heavy toxin load.

As contemporary humans carry a heavy load of many different toxins, excreting them through the skin is a smart and safe strategy. This is mainly because the skin repairs quickly, whereas damaged kidney are less easily able to recover. In this way, sweating reduces the detoxification load on the kidneys.

How wonderful that it can be a delightful experience to boot, just make sure you’re well hydrated!

Learn more about Sally Mathrick and her regular Sparkle Wellness and Detox programs.

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