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Near Infrared, Mid Infrared & Far Infrared - What does it all mean?

Sauna infrared by Sunlighten built on innovation

One of the most remarkable tools in today’s wellness market is the infrared sauna. Traditional high heat hot rock saunas have been used for centuries but now infrared saunas provide a more enjoyable experience with increased wellness outcomes. Surprisingly for some, infrared is not a new concept.

For decades it has been used in therapeutic heating applications such as heat lamps, by NASA researchers and in incubators for premature newborns.

There are many differences between infrared and traditional saunas. To name a couple,

1) The infrared sauna does not use steam or hot rocks - it is a dry sauna that is simple to use and easy to maintain and install.
2) The infrared sauna is therapeutic at lower, more comfortable temperatures. The idea temperature of infrared saunas is between 45-58 degrees Celsius. There is no longer a need for high heat and discomfort.

Sauna Terminology

For beginners, the terminology used by sauna companies may be unfamiliar and confusing. If you can relate, we encourage you to read on…

“Near, mid, far … I just don’t understand. What are the differences?”

The Research

Research from across the globe has indicated that near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared can assist with detox, weight management, cardiovascular health, skin health and relaxation.

The premium mPulse sauna is the ONLY infrared sauna on the planet capable of producing these three individual infrared wavelengths (near, mid and far) at the required peak output.

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Let’s look closely at each wavelength.

Near Infrared

Can Sunlighten saunas offer near infrared ONLY? Yes, the flagship mPulse saunas offer near infrared through LED technology in the heaters.

And yes, if you only want near infrared, you can set the heaters to solely emit NIR wavelengths.

You have total control over the mPulse sauna and can customise the wellness programs to your needs.

NASA research has found that the NIR electromagnetic frequency band of energy penetrates deeply into the body and can have a healing effect on our individual cells. For example, inside the mitochondria of every cell are receptors which respond to Near Infrared wavelengths. The light triggers an increase in cell metabolism, protein synthesis (including collagen), and anti-oxidant activity (meaning the cells detoxify). Additionally, it assists with inflammation and pain while simultaneously assisting with the growth and regeneration in the cells.

The NIR must be delivered at a vital wavelength for you to receive it. This vital wavelength is used without extreme heat. Sunlighten uses an LED technology with the same micron output as used in the NASA research study.

In the mPulse sauna, the LED bulbs are not only in the back wall but the side walls. You are surrounded by NIR. They are closest to you when you are sitting inside.

Note - Due to popular demand, we have written an article specifically explaining near infrared.

Mid Infrared

Mid infrared is a slightly longer wavelength than near infrared. It works with soft tissue, assists with increased circulation and reduced inflammation.

The Pain relief program in the mPulse sauna specifically targets the mid infrared wavelength. Its goal is to assist with reducing inflammation in any painful areas. 

An Auburn University study showed an increased range of motion at 205% over five weeks. Study used Sunlighten saunas 3 times a week for 30 minutes. View study

Far Infrared

The far infrared wavelength offers the deepest penetration into the body at the cellular level.

The goal of far infrared is to create a hyperthermia effect by raising your core body temperature. Sunlighten’s saunas have been clinically shown to raise core body temperature by 3 degrees. See study here.

Emissivity refers to the actual infrared output of the heater (as opposed to hot air). Our patented Solocarbon heaters have been proven to provide 99% emissivity.

At the deep cellular level, infrared helps cells to vibrate and purge toxins through your sweat. Sweating helps to expel heavy metals, pesticides and environmental toxins.

I’ve heard far infrared is high in EMF, is this true?

No, not with Sunlighten saunas.

Sunlighten have worked diligently to reduce the amount of EMF exposure to a level that is close to undetectable.

Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to EMF. For that reason, we have limited the levels of EMF from our heaters as much as possible.

If EMF is a concern for you, we suggest you to read our article that addresses the commonly asked EMF questions.

Are there any dangers from an infrared sauna?

The infrared sauna is a safe wellness tool – they have been in the Australian and New Zealand market for over 20 years. In fact, Sunlighten Infrared saunas have numerous studies proving them to be therapeutic and a fantastic tool for one’s wellbeing.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly consultants.

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Learn more about the mPulse sauna by clicking on the video below:

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