Posted on 23 September 2021

Mansi on Raymond: The luxurious accommodation that offer their guests the ultimate wellness experience in the heart of the Gippsland Riviera.

Situated in the heart of Sale, Mansi on Raymond is the epitome of a quiet, relaxing, and beautiful overnight experience that not only leaves you feeling well rested, but also caters to the mind, body and soul with their carefully curated restorative wellness workshops and offerings.

We recently sat down with Pam at Mansi who shared with us the inspiration behind Element @ Mansi and why she’s so passionate about educating guests and introducing them into the wonderful wide world of wellness and all the benefits.   

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We congratulate you on choosing to incorporate Sunlighten’s Infrared light therapy and AirPod Hydroxy therapies into your Element @ Mansi offerings and love your commitment to Science Based Wellness. 

Can you tell us about your inspiration for Element @ Mansi?

In 2013 we created Mansi on Raymond, our accommodation services, that are designed to provide guests luxury accommodation with the feeling of home in the heart of Central Gippsland. 

Wellness is my personal hobby. I love doing yoga and so we decided to expand the facilities of Mansi to include a Wellness centre. 

There are so many people in the area who are into Wellness and I wanted to provide them with an accessible opportunity to get started in the Wellness world. 

What were you most passionate about regarding the experience you wanted to provide to your clients?

Through my travels, I have experienced a huge range of different wellness therapies that are not available in our small regional area. I wanted to be able to provide people in the area with the same experiences I have had.

How has the recent pandemic experience affirmed your decision to expand into wellness?

The pandemic has changed people's view on wellness, it has made people realise they need to take care of themselves.

It also meant that people are travelling regionally more than before. The fact that we can offer a range of services to people living locally and those visiting the area makes Mansi unique.


You have a fantastic range of wellness therapies and retreats on offer.  

Can you tell us about why you selected these and what your clients are loving?

Experiencing many types of wellness therapies has been a great help for choosing what to offer at Mansi, along with researching and knowing the benefits that can be provided by therapies such as the AirPod Hydroxy.

Our clients are loving the whole range honestly! But, in particular, they make use of the two different sauna types (mPulse Discover and Solo System), often before a massage with one of our great massage therapists.

What words do you often hear to describe how they feel post therapy?

'Ahhhh that's better' is a common one. It's great to hear that our clients are feeling relaxed and revived after one of our therapies


Consumers across the globe are increasingly prioritising their physical and mental health.  

Can you describe how Mansi’s offerings can help people who seek a more holistic and individualised approach to wellness?

We have a one stop shop to cover a range of different wants and needs for our clients. Not only do we offer the therapies, but we also offer the yoga and meditation classes.

What wellness trend most excites you?

The rise in popularity for touchless therapies, while our massage services are incredibly popular, the increasing interests in touchless therapies such as the AirPod Hydroxy or Infrared Sauna is exciting.

What is the most common compliment you hear from your client’s? 

'Ahhhh that's better' is the most common. More often than not clients are booking their next appointment as soon as they have finished the last.

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Guests from our accommodation tell us they wished they lived in the area so they could visit Element on a regular basis.

To find out more about Mansi on Raymond or to book your next wellness getaway, visit Mansi on Raymond.

For more information about the Sunlighten Infrared saunas range or if you are interested in becoming a commercial partner, get in contact with us at the Sunlighten website.


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