Posted on 23 September 2021

Kayla Banfield, Nutrition and Mindset coach shares how she incorporates Sunlighten Infrared Saunas into her weekly routine.

We recently spoke with Kayla about why she loves her Sunlighten Sauna mPulse Conquer and how it helps her be her best self. We also delved in a bit deeper to find out more about her business, ‘The Method’ 

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Tell us a little bit about your wellness / self-care routine and how you incorporate your Sunlighten sauna into it.
I like to move first thing in the morning. Early exercise does so many things for me - it sets me up for the rest of the day and clears my mind of yesterday’s stresses. I prefer to Sauna after my movement as I feel like this ties a bow nicely on my morning and I can have a shower after which leaves me feeling refreshed. I find when I am consistent with my routine, I can handle anything the day throws at me. 

Can you share three ways your infrared sauna has helped improve your skin, health and wellness? 

The three most noticeable areas that Sunlighten has helped me with is my skin, mental health and my recovery. 

My skin is in love with the sauna. I always feel so fresh faced and plump after because it really gets my blood flowing. I know that a good sauna session helps detox my face of impurities. Since I am plant based, I am conscious of non-nutrition-based ways to boost collagen, which I know my Sunlighten sauna helps me with. As I age, my skin has become so important to me and it’s something I am consciously trying to take good care of. 

For me, mentally there’s something so relaxing about sitting in my sauna for 45 minutes. It’s that mental escape and reset for me where I can sit in my own thoughts. I always come out feeling like I have had a good nap and like my battery has recharged! I find sitting in the sauna is my own version of meditation to help me relax. 

Recovery is just as important as training for me, and when I am in a good regular sauna routine, I notice that I am less sore and that my body feels more mobile and limber. There is a conscious difference of recovery times on the days where I miss my sauna session. I know I recover faster from training sessions when I have a sauna, and my joints feel freer. 

What are five things you do each week to ensure you prioritize your health and feel at your best? 

5 things that set me up for success in my week are organising my schedule- with colours! I like to co-ordinate all different aspects of my life via different colours to make it easier for me. For my weekly prep, on a Sunday I schedule out my entire week, ensuring I leave myself some breathing space for things that always do seem to pop up. I do a good food shop (I never meal prep as I don’t like to feel forced to eat certain meals, but I need to have good options in the house so I make good choices in the moment lol!). I clean the house as I know a clean space is crucial for my productivity throughout the week. So I clean up after myself (and my boyfriend! A clean space is so important to me), move every day and include weekly “downtime” practises like infrared saunas, lymphatic massages, float tank sessions and ice baths.  

You have now been using your Sunlighten Sauna for a couple of years. As we head into the cooler months, we’d love to know if you’ve noticed any additional benefits of using the infrared sauna during Autumn/Winter? 

I definitely feel that my Sunlighten sauna is a big warm hug during these cold and dreary days! It helps me feel like I am staying active as it can be really easy to snuggle up and not move all day (work from home life!) but when I add in my daily sauna sessions it helps me feel like I’m still nourishing my body. I know that mentally it helps me to be exposed to the warmth. A middle of the day sauna helps me feel like I am putting my body to use and I’m still able to produce a good sweat. 

We’d love to share a little bit about your online coaching program, The Method, with our audience. Can you tell us a bit more about it – what you do and why they should get involved? 

Absolutely! The Method is 1:1 personalised nutrition coaching! We have a huge team of expert coaches, with specialties across many different fields who we pair with our clients based on their individual needs. When clients sign up they receive access to our App where they can log their daily data, message their coach, and submit weekly check-ins for review by their coach. Through the client journey we aim to educate and guide our clients so they are slowly building the foundations and forming habits that will lead them to ultimate happiness and success. 

Visit our website to learn more about how saunas can fit into your fitness routine and be sure to explore the Sunlighten blog for more tips on how to increase your health and wellness in 2021 and beyond.

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