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How to upgrade your Sydney seaside property

Whether you've just purchased a holiday home along beachfront Sydney or you've been living there for years, there's always room in a home for improvement. From splashing a new lick of paint on the living room walls to installing a new luxury home sauna to relax in, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your seaside pad.

Here are a few ideas for you to try.


There are two things you should think about when you're planning to repaint your home: colour and longevity. 

In colour terms, you should think about the type of theme you are going for. Most coastal homes suit a very low-key colour scheme, without overdoing anything.

"A coastal-inspired interior should appear casually chic," states Houzz.com, "so replicate this through the colour scheme and avoid anything busy or over the top when it comes to colour."

As for longevity, you need to consider what you paint your exterior surfaces with. For example, an aquaphobic paint could help shield your exterior walls from the spray of the ocean, or any rain that comes in off the coast. If you have a wooden deck, paint company Resene recommends avoiding a clear stain, as they often do not provide great protection against Australia's weather.


What facilities does your home have, and what would you love to see installed? 

For example, swimming in salt water is not always an option in Sydney (winter must arrive at some point, after all), so a swimming pool could boost your property. In fact, the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data on pools suggests just over 10 per cent of NSW households have one. 

You don't need to fork out a fortune to heat them, however, as solar hot water is becoming more and more cost-efficient to purchase. Evacuated tube solar in particular - a type of technology that takes the sun's rays and uses them to heat pool water - has proven popular, and can increase your swimming season by four to six months, according to Apricus Australia.

Finally, if you need somewhere to relax after a busy day at work, or to sit and enjoy a spa-quality experience with your friends or family, consider an mPulse residential sauna. These utilise gentle infrared heat to warm your body, and thanks to Sunlighten's own unique Solocarbon™ heating technology, this experience is consistent and even, unlike steam variants. 

This range of luxury saunas can also come in your choice of three timber options, meaning you can choose one that perfectly suits your home.


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