Posted by Sunlighten on 21 July 2017

How Acoustic Resonance Therapy Optimises Your Sauna Experience

As a Sunlighten fan, we know you are enjoying the lifestyle benefits of regular sweat sessions.

We all love to retreat into our soothing sauna after a strenuous day.

However, stress or worry can often hinder your relaxation experience. At Sunlighten, we are driven to continuously improve your sauna experience.

We strive to enhance the sensory experience of your sessions. Our research has discovered Sound & Vibrational Therapy.

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Sound and Vibrational therapy is an ancient therapy using various frequencies to help rebalance the body’s energy channels.

Background on Sound Therapy

While using music to support the natural healing process is nothing new, quantum physicists and researchers are now learning what ancient seers and spiritual masters of many cultures appreciated for thousands of years.

Music has a profound effect on the body and mind.

The Benefits to your experience

Acoustic Resonance Therapy creates an environment for the body to experience sound and vibration healing in an integrative way – part of a holistic approach to healthy living.

SO Sound™ by Sunlighten combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to harmonise all systems of the body bringing you to a deeper state of relaxation.

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How it works

Attached at specific locations of the sauna, the SO Sound system uses an amplified audio signal to resonate sound waves to the surface of the sauna. The devices can be easily installed into your cabin Sunlighten sauna. As the connectors are already built into the sauna cabins.

You will be provided with a CD to insert into your sauna, which will guide you through the therapy.

Vibrations and sounds will illuminate throughout your session to provide a calming sensory experience. It is a light, musical massage that takes you to a deeper state of relaxation.

If you are using your Sunlighten Sauna regularly and want to induce deeper relaxation, it’s time you tried SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy.

Click here to get your SO Sound or call us to learn more.


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