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5 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Sauna

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You don’t have to be fanatical to take care of your investment. These tips will help you maintain your sauna for you to enjoy for many years to come.


1) Be careful when taking fluid, flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna.

Take some time to consider the ramifications of spilling fluid on any product with electronic components. Your warranty will not cover accidental water spills, so care should be taken. Remember to be well hydrated before using your sauna. If you desperately need a glass of water during your session have the water close by outside the sauna so you can easily access it and drink plenty of water after your sauna sessions.

2) If the sauna is outside, protect it from the weather.

An infrared sauna can be placed outdoors. However, ensure that it is protected by a Marine Grade Cover. Our Sunlighten team members can advise you with further instructions on outdoor requirements and price of outdoor covers for your size sauna.

3) Don’t lean too heavily on the heaters.

Lean against the walls gently and let the infrared seep deep into your body to reduce stress, chills and aches and pains. Using the backrests gently will avoid damage to the heating panels and give you a comfortable sauna experience. The heater covers can be cleaned if sweat stains appear or use a small Sunlighten bamboo carbon towel to soak up your sweat but still allow the infrared through. Read more about Bamboo Carbon towels below.

4) Cover your benches and floors with highly absorbent towels.

Not covering your sauna with towels will leave sweat marks and stains on your timber and is not hygienic for the next user. If you aren’t using highly absorbent towels, we recommend you consider some Bamboo Carbon towels as they have been specifically designed for sauna use.

Bamboo Carbon is a highly absorbent, anti-bacterial towel material offered exclusively by Sunlighten.

5) Clean your timber and glass with Natural Sauna Cleaners.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents in your sauna. Your sauna was been built as a toxin free environment to help remove toxins from your body. By using a natural, plant-based cleaner you can ensure that your sauna remains clean and a non-toxic environment!

For more information you can refer to your user manual. If you require another copy, we have them available on our website.

For any further questions about your sauna, please do not hesitate to contact Sunlighten’s service department.


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